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Why use Smoke Rope Premium Hemp Lighting Wick?
Lighting Wick is a wick that you light with a lighter, match, or candle and use to light smoking materials.  The result is a better tasting smoke and an enhanced smoking experience. 

Smoke Rope is made from the finest all natural hemp available with just the right amount of organic beeswax applied by a unique process developed by Smoke Rope. The result is a lighting wick that is stiffer than other brands, making it more useful for lighting gas grills, wood stoves, candles, pilot lights, or anywhere extra reach is needed. Smoke Rope's unique coating process also makes for a more wind resistant flame, while providing the cleanest tasting light possible for all your favorite smoking blends.

There are all sorts of theories out there explaining why smoking using lighting wick tastes so much better.  My personal favorite is that Smoke Rope burns at a lower temperature than common disposable butane lighters and below that of common smoking blends.  The lower temperature provides a cooler and a better tasting smoke.  Although we are still investigating we may never know the reasons why Smoke Rope is the best hemp lighting wick out there, but as I like to say,
"It Just Tastes Better ".

Just light the wick with any lighter and use the cool clean flame to light all your favorite smoking blends

100% Natural and biodegradable

Provides a clean tasting light for the smoking connoisseur

Eliminates foul tasting lighter fumes

Prolongs lighter life reducing the number sent to landfills

Handmade in New Hampshire with all natural

beeswax and hemp


Smoke Rope singles have 9ft of wick on a card
Lighters are name brand w/9ft of wick around them
Spools of 100 and 200 feet are also available

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